Accounts & Services

At Bank of Belleville, we offer you true relationship banking. We will provide a private banking approach to our customers designing a customized banking solution to meet your needs.


Personal Accounts
Bank of Belleville offers a full array of personal checking and savings plans. Select from Interest Checking, Regular Checking, or Statement Savings to fit your banking needs.


Money Market Accounts
Money market deposit accounts (MMDA) afford you the opportunity to earn a higher rate of interest than our Interest Checking Account. In-bank withdrawals are unlimited, while transfers are limited to 6 per statement cycle. The interest rate earned is determined by the balances maintained.


Certificates of Deposit
Bank of Belleville has a variety of rates and terms available to you. Select a term tailored to your investment needs from 30 days to 3 years. As rates are subject to change frequently, rate information is available from any staff member.


ATM and MasterCard Debit Cards
ATM and MasterCard Debit Cards provide you another banking convenience. You may access your checking and/or savings accounts for deposits, withdrawals, transfers, or balance inquiries. Our ATM and MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted at ATMs worldwide throughout the Jeanie and Maestro network.


Mastercard Prewards:
Prewards are digital incentives (like coupons) that are directly linked to your bank card. With Prewards, you can save money at participating national and local retailers simply by using your bank card. There are no coupons to clip or points to accumulate. Best of all, your Preward savings are typically added to your account within minutes of your purchase. To learn more about Prewards, please visit the FAQs page or email us at
Thanks for your interest in the Prewards Program. We hope you enjoy your Prewards savings!
Other Services
  • ACH Capabilities
  • Wires – International and Domestic
  • Night Depository
  • Notary
  • Cashiers Checks
For more information about our deposit products, please call: 618.233.6400.