Personal Loans

Based on a detailed cash flow and liquidity analysis, we can help with all your credit needs including real estate acquisitions, business objectives, college education, stock option financing and purchasing a new home, boat or recreation vehicle.

Our bankers have the ability to access any of the traditional loan products offered through Bank of Belleville. In addition we have an array of customized products which include:

Equity Lines
Equity Lines offer a low interest rate tied to The Wall Street Journal prime and feature monthly, if qualified, interest-only payments. You can easily access your account with convenience checks.

Lines of Credit
This is an unsecured line of credit tied to The Wall Street Journal prime and offers, if qualified, interest-only payments, plus easy access via convenience checks.

Portfolio Lines
Fully secured by marketable securities, this line of credit features quarterly or monthly, if qualified, interest-only payments.

Time Loans
Secured and unsecured loans are available with a flexible term at a variable or fixed rate.

Whether it’s for your primary or secondary residence, in or out of state, we can provide a fixed or variable mortgage at a competitive rate with terms you can live with.

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We welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help with your personal and family financial affairs.

All loans are subject to credit approval.