eStatements: Safe, Secure, and Green

We offer the best banking solutions for our clients. eStatements are electronic bank statements that cut back on waste and simplify your financial record-keeping. Switching to paperless documents gives you instant access to your account statements with additional security.

Why switch to eStatements?

Easy to view, print, save, and archive

Reduce your risk of mail fraud

No paper means no filing

Environmentally friendly

How do eStatements work?

eStatements are a feature of our Online Banking System. When you log on to your Online Bank account on Bank of Belleville’s website, your most recent eStatement will be automatically displayed. You can then view, print, or save your eStatement. eStatements are archived up to 120 days.

If you are not yet enrolled in online banking, it’s easy!

If you have any questions about eStatements or need assistance with enrolling, please contact us.