10/05/2021: Dawn Carter Joins Bank Of Monroe County As A Community Banker And Mortgage Consultant.

WATERLOO – Dawn Carter has joined Bank of Monroe County as a Community Banker and Mortgage Consultant, bringing decades of client service experience to support Monroe County residents and their financial needs.

“I have known Dawn for well over a decade so I am very confident about the value she will bring for our clients,” said Bank of Monroe County President Ryan Osterhage. “She is one of the most genuine and caring people I know. She will be a great ambassador of the bank and will be an even greater asset to the community working here, in Monroe County.”

Carter will assist Bank of Monroe County with a variety of loans including consumer and commercial loans as well as helping customers with a variety of financial needs. Carter has 22 years of experience managing clients, maintaining relationships, and leading marketing and business initiatives at an architectural firm. She has lived in Waterloo for 17 years and has a deep passion for supporting the community.

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